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Minimalist drawings.

For the last twelve years I have been making minimalist drawings influenced by the work of Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman, Cy Twombly and others.
In these the process of drawing, to a large extent determines the form the images assume. It feels like channelling, rather than ordaining the form they take. A compelling reason for continued involvement with them. The drawings are in the process of telling a story. What they say often surprises me. I strive to create the most favorable circumstances for the lines to flow. I act as a conduit, and energy spills onto paper, leaving a trace.


Art is space.

Space washes away our separateness.

Would the new technology impinge on painting, the more advanced our ability to form?

Stand or sit on earth.

Have a conversation with the sun.

The body travels, and the mind stays at home.

The mind travels, and the body stays at home.

Progress report.

I am photographing art for posting on website and social media. Work on the studio and gallery is continuing. Most of the internal painting is done. Waiting to lay the floor, make sign etc.



Planning to open a studio and show room next to the Vergennes Laundry,  by mid February 2015.

Showing drawings, paintings, and sculptures- perhaps some other things. Visitors will be able to come into the space when open and take a look at what is going on, and showing.

I’ll make announcements regarding developments and opening as they come up.